Wallmart Just Did It – We Now Have The Coolest Semi-Truck In The World

Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience Concept Truck

Wallmart Just Did It – We Now Have The Coolest Semi-Truck In The World

Wallmart built the ultimate truck – technology truck that has conventional engine paired with very sophisticated systems. This is done to increase both the efficiency and the safety of those vehicles. All of these are potentially game changing technologies and Wallmart are going to continue working on those. Wallmart wanted to push them and their vendor partners just a little bit further. This truck was built in a collaboration with Peterbilt Motors Company and a couple of other small companies. The end result is this Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience Concept Truck.

The truck by Wallmart is equipped with a powertrain under the hood. This powertrain is made by a micro turbine, a battery storage system and an electric motor. You could get into the truck by entering a sliding drivers door. The driver sits in the middle of the cabin. The dashboard is all electronic and its fully customizable for the driver. You could put all kind of gauges on the screens to monitor different information related to the truck and the environment.

The back of the cabin is finished with a full-size comfortable sleeper. That’s just a quick overview of the semi-truck. Moving on to the trailer – this one is not the first time a trailer has been made of carbon-fiber, but it’s actually the first time one-piece 53″ carbon-fiber panels were manufactured. When you look at the front of the trailer you will notice that it’s nose is convex which increases the aerodynamics of the entire package.

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The truck is missing the front radiator that is considered to be a key feature. That’s all related to the newly installed advanced powertrain system. Because of the missing radiator in this concept, the aerodynamics is improved by 20%. That’s a very good performance number when it comes to fuel economy. The overall weight of the truck is decreases because of the use of carbon-fiber: it’s 10 times stronger than steel and it’s lighter the fiberglass.

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