Want A Car From The Future? This Electric Switchable Tinting Film Makes It Possible

electric switchable tinting film

Want A Car From The Future? This Electric Switchable Tinting Film Makes It Possible

While we drive we always prefer our ride to be as comfortable and smooth as possible. Dark windows can play a big part in this, especially in the summer during the day when we want a better protection against the sun or if we simply want some privacy. But since dark windows are against the law, in the past there was not much we could do about it until now.

Today there is a simple solution to this problem it is called switchable intelligent tinting film. What it is, it is an automatic dimming electric window tint. The word automatic explains how it works by pressing a button. Yes, it is simple as that and you can avoid being fined by the police officers. When they pull you over because you have dark windows you will, unnoticeable with the help of a remote control, switch the light transmission of your car windows from dark to clear.

It does not only sound easy it is easy and simple as that. It is like something we might have seen in some of the Bond movies but it’s not a movie it’s a real thing. This future feature gives you a lot of benefits. Not only you have the needed protection against the sun, it gives you instant privacy if required and not to mention the police officers off your back.

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Thanks to the remote control button they will find a clear window when they walk up next to your car. So how about a round of applause and standing ovation to the guys who thought of it first. If you are eager to see by yourself how it really works check out the awesome video on our next page.

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