Want To Drive A Ferrari – You Better Think Again!

Ferrari Vs Ford F150 crash

Want To Drive A Ferrari – You Better Think Again!

While we drive our safety and the safety of the others in the traffic should be the first thing on our minds. One way to make sure that everyone is safe is to follow the traffic signs and the traffic regulations. No matter what kind of a car we drive a fancy motor or an old banger if we don’t obey the signs and rules the inevitable is going to happen to us. Either we crash into somebody or somebody crushes into us.

This video presents a very unfortunate and cruel reality for the owner of a brand new Ferrari 458 Italia that was only two weeks old. With only 500 miles this Ferrari was illegally passing across the double yellow line when the accident took place. What happened is almost unreal. A Ford F150 truck driver hit into a Ferrari 458 Italia. During this crash The Ford F150 ended up on the hood of the Ferrari 458 Italia. To be more precise the front wheel of the Ford F150 was left to rest on the Ferrari 458. In the video you will see how the Ford’s chrome trim is left unscratched while the Ferrari is totally ruined and smashed. That’s the thing with good looking cars not only that they attract other people they attract even other people’s trucks.

A lot of factors have a say when an accident occur. Sometimes it is car design other times speed of operation, design of highway, driver talent, alcohol or drugs, particularly speeding and racing. Crashes lead to fatality and disability as well as financial costs to both culture and the individuals concerned.

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The best thing we can say about the situation described before is that apart from the material damage at least no one got hurt except for the heart of the Ferrari’s owner.

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