Want To Drive A Nemomobile ? Now You Can, It’s On Sale!


Want To Drive A Nemomobile ? Now You Can, It’s On Sale!

When watching ‘The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen’ there is no way you didn’t pay is attention to one of the most amazing car ever drove on earth. Known by the name “The Nemo Car” or “Nemomobile” it is an interesting fact to know that although it is well-designed, it is not street legal.

The company ‘Car Babies’ built it from scratch using an adapted Land Rover chassis and a Rover V8 engine. It is long 22 feet and it is 9 feet wide. When decorating the car a crackle effect white paint job is used and is ornamented in an Victorian style with silver fittings and an elephant theme that repeats itself. Beige leather upholstery and the interior and exterior are both decorated in the same manner. This vehicle has two axles at the front that steer and one at the rear vehicle. Also it is equipped with a powerful hydraulic system, so that it could hide all six enormous 28″ wheels under the fiberglass body. The hydraulics also allows the vehicle to hop up and down like some kind of 19th century lowrider.

This car has raised many pros and cons. Some will say it is a real piece of art others will argue and say it is revolting. By some it even has been presented as the most bizarre-looking screen cars. Whether you like it or hate it it’s a matter of taste.

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However this car was custom built project exclusively for the purposes of the production and up till now was not on sale. Very soon someone will have the chance to buy it – on July 11 the car will be put for sale by international auctioneers Coys at their Blenheim Palace auction.

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