Watch The Amazing Start Of A Giant Diesel Engine Sulzer – 100HP And 30,000 Pounds

Sulzer diesel engine

Watch This Amazing Start Of A Giant Diesel Engine Sulzer – 100HP And 30,000 Pounds

In the very beginning we are going to start with a little history. Sulzer as a manufacturer was founded back in 1775. In 1879 Rudolf Diesel started working for the company. 14 years later Sulzer bought certain rights to diesel engines. The first diesel engine built by the company was introduced to the world in 1898. The engine production was divided into four categories – diesel engines for marine use, diesel engines for rail usage, such for road usage and stationary engines. All engines got a typical stamp – a number, then some letters, then another number.

The first number indicated the number of the cylinders, then we have some letters for the type of the engine and in the end we have the piston width. The one from the video is an old stationary diesel engine. We are going to see it starting up for the first time from a very long time. The company was actually one of the best US/European experimental projects for rail power. This giant engine weighs about 30,000 pounds and the total power output here is 100 horsepower.

If you still don’t get it – this is a turbocharged two-stroke diesel engine.

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