Watch And Laugh – Punk Ricer Talks Up His ‘Even Sportier’ Evo

Ricer 2013 Mitsubishi Evo

Watch And Laugh – Punk Ricer Talks Up His Evo

You have probably met a lot of guys like this one. They think that their ride is the most powerful and the most unique. They have made so many mods that this car is just fantastic now. But his guy is not like all the ricers that you have ever met. You will laugh so loud listening to him talking about all the mods that he got on his car. Everything on it is ‘custom built’ and the car just flies above the asphalt.

And the guy from the video is Pablo Sanchez who drives a 2013 Mitsubishi Lancer ES. He explains that the “ES” at the end stays for “Even Sportier”. This is not just the regular Evo guys. He has made a lot of high performance mods here. We cannot say if the video was inspired by “Punk ricer talks up his Evo” filmed by Haggard Garage but it is definitely a good one. It’s the only thing that made us laugh all day.

Pablo is acting so serious here that you might get this one for real. He got so many mods but we would like to expose some of the best that you could find in his Evo. The car is equipped with an extremely sporty CVT transmission and in combination with painted racing stripes, you could easily reach a speed of 380 MPH on the track. If you would like to go faster you should be aware that the two little knobs on the hood are not there to spray windshield fluid – these are used to purge the NOS.

Do you know why the muffler is painted in blue – it’s not done for purpose. When runing the car throws 10-meter flames from the exhaust. It’s just so powerful. There are some more modifications done on the roof of the car. One of them is actually the place where the antenna comes out, but this ricer had removed it for better aerodynamics. This gives the guy and his car better traction with the additional 250 foot pounds of downforce to the roof of the car. This is very important when it comes to driving this Evo with 350 MPH on the roads.

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