Watch And See How You Can Make This BuckyBalls Motor By Yourself!

buckyballs motor

Watch And See How You Can Make This BuckyBalls Motor By Yourself!

For those of you who don’t know, BuckyBalls are not made from a rare earth metal called Buckminsterfullerene, however when you assemble a lot of them together they can resemble the carbon atoms in Buckminsterfullerene. The balls themselves are just small Neodymium magnets and don’t change shape. These magnetic beads are pretty addicting to play with. If you’re interested in “DIY”, why not make your own electric motor following the tutorial below. All you need is a Duracell battery, some copper wire, a few strands of BuckyBalls, and a magnet from inside of a levitating pen.In a nutshell, this is how he does it. First he makes pillars out of the BuckyBalls, then he places a battery between the pillars. Then he places the magnet (from inside of a levitating pen) in the middle of the battery. Then he creates a coil with the enameled copper wire afterwards he places the coil between the two BuckyBall pillars and in the end he starts the motor.

A paradox of this motor is that a DC electromagnet and a permanent magnet do not form a motor – the two magnets would simply align, so it’s surprising to see this work. This motor’s successful operation appears to depend on a slightly unbalanced coil that makes and breaks the circuit as it spins.

When the make-break timing is correct on average, the motor spins because the current flows when the coil is favorably aligned to assist rotation and the current stops when the coil orientation would oppose the rotation.

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Perhaps scraping the enamel off of just one edge of the wires would provide more precise commutation of the current.

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