Watch The Road Boss In A Destructive Action And Feel The Adrenaline Rush!

The Road Boss

Watch The Road Boss In A Destructive Action And Feel The Adrenaline Rush!

Although we know that trucks and lorries, made in different sizes, load capacities and configurations, are mainly designed to carry cargo, still there are few companies that have produced trucks that are so powerful and fast as hell that could even humiliate supercars. These huge, powerful impressive trucks cause jaw –dropping situations that we got used to watching during drag races and truck shows but this time it is different.

In the video you are going to get to know with The Road Boss a totally insane buggy owned by Motor Show Stuntman out of France. This Monster truck entirely out shadows the regular monster truck that we have already seen or we are used to seeing during the truck shows. A very characteristic brand of the American trucking look is Monster truck. Their style is very destructive it looks like they are about to go to rock bottom just for the experience of it.

This numerous winner of a number of monster truck shows really does devour other trucks and cars as pancakes, and that is exactly what you are going to see it doing in the following video clip that we have prepared for you in this article.

Mustang tire explosion

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This 1,275 horsepower monster truck is really one of those things that will give a real adrenaline rush to all those of you who love and take pleasure in watching this type of colossal vehicles in destructive action.

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