Water Wheel Generator Or How To Power Your House With An Alternator

water wheel alternator

Water Wheel Generator Or How To Power Your House With An Alternator

Today we are going to see how one man from Kentucky powers his house only with an alternator and a water wheel. If you get down to the expenses of home ownership, you will definitely going to watch this one. After that you will wonder how to implement such a project for yourself as well. As you could see from the video there are now wire around, there are no transformers, so this is the only one source of electricity for this house. As the guy from the video stats – ‘This is the end of the civilization’. The house is located somewhere deep in the forest and there is no TV, no telephone, nothing. The owner get Internet from his cellphone and that’s pretty much it.

Let’s see how he managed to produce electricity for his needs. He is going to show us how his water wheel works to produce power. The YouTube-er is filming his new water wheel, as the old one had been beat up pretty nice over the time. As he says, the new one got some improvements. This is just amazing and great engineering in the end. We will leave you watch the video on our next page and meanwhile we are going to give some tips to the guy. It seems that some of the power of the water is lost. This is caused by the fact that it hits the end of the boards on the water wheel instead of in the catchment. This is why you could hear that slapping sound.

The catchment part of his water wheel is just in front of the spillway the water.

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You will find that the water actually hits the flat end of the wood.

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