We All Have That One Friend Who Owns Civic And Says Most Of This Sh1t!

shit Civic owners say

We All Have That One Friend Who Owns Civic And Says Most Of This Sh1t!

We all know this funny guy. Now, he’s back and owns ’92 Honda Civic. His name is Robert Lovely and he is here to tell us more about the modifications that he made to this low rider. First of all, he is going to show us his curb feelers. He put them in order to protect his nice wheels that are actually three-piece rotor wheels. He got installed a lucky dice on its wheels – it helps him get lucky when he is out looking for girls.

The Honda is equipped with a VTEC engine and is straight piped. The engine is 1.5-liter featuring a custom manifold. The manifold is actually designed to end with a turbo charger, but the guy put a pipe in the end. The intercooler is upgraded with a bigger one – an oversized intercooler, because the guy is always overheating when he is out racing Mustangs. He got a special fender – it’s all rusted up from V8 owners’ tears as every time he beats them, they cry.

On the top of the car the guy got installed a roof rack and he use it for fat bitches, when he goes to pick them up at the mall. The problem is that if the girls get in the car, they cannot go out as the vehicle is too low. If you have a look at the back of this ’92 Honda Civic you will notice he got a lot of stickers. Each one of those stickers adds 5 horsepower, but the best is the one saying ‘Genuine eBay parts’. All of the parts here are from eBay.

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According to him eBay is the best place offering cheap parts with the best quality. Let the guy say a few words about the fuel he uses in this car – of course, it’s a 135 octane. The steering wheels is made of mahogany covered with a unicorn dust. He got it straight from Japan. He got something special added to the interior – a large shift knob. When he is too tired, he lets the girls use it instead of him. That’s why it’s extra long.

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