We Are In Love With Sarah Lezito – The Best Stunt Biker Girl

Girl Bike Stunter

We Are In Love With Sarah Lezito – The Best Stunt Biker Girl

For many decades, men have stereotypes about women, as they have been considered for not being so good drivers, especially in motor sports, for both cars and motorbikes! The girl that we are going to show you, named Sarah Lezito, is going to prove all that wrong!

We believe that most of you have never heard of this fine-looking girl. Let us give you few words about her! Born in France, Sarah passion for motor sports and performing stunts started at a very early age. She was only 13 when she first sat on her Yamaha DTX 125, and drove it until her 18th birthday. After that she chooses another Japanese machine, a HONDA CB 500! So you get the picture!

Her desire, devotion and hard work for motor sports paid off, as she won numerous prestige trophies in different competitions! Now, we are going to show you a video of her, where she is showing us part of her skills and is performing incredible stunts!! The one thing that makes her so unique is her beauty and charisma! All this characteristics united, makes Sara delightful and special person! Enjoy in the video below where Sarah is performing amazing tricks and stunts!

That’s what we call impressive driving. Here is one girl that could definitely ride a bike like a Boss. She is just insane doing all this stuff, so we gave her a title – ‘The sexiest woman on bike in existence’. If we were bike lovers, this girl would be our ideal partner in life. But in real life we could not keep up with this lady. She is missing her wearing. This girl should be wearing better gear. She is a stunter, so she definitely needs moto boots and leather. We know that this wearing will not impress her friends and the audience, but safety first.

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