We Present You Honda Project 2&4 At 893 Pounds And Redlining At 14,000 RPM

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We Present You Honda Project 2&4 At 893 Pounds And Redlining At 14,000 RPM

Meet the winner of the Global design project. This piece of automobile art was designed by the Asaka moto studio with the cooperation of Wako automobile design. Asaka moto studio is actually the Honda’s motorcycle research and development group and they own it since 1973. This is one hell of a lightweight ride. This speed monster weight only 893 pounds, its dimensions are as follow – 8.9-feet long and 6-feet wide. The power to weight ratio that this car offers is just insane.

The heart of this beautiful concept car laying under the hood is Honda’s 999 cc V4 RC213V. This is basically a four-stroke engine equipped with a six-speed dual clutch DCT transmission that offers the insane 14,000 RPM. The designers limited the 215-horsepower engine to 13,000 RPM with an output of 215PS (212hp). The engine could deliver 118Nm (87 lb-ft of torque) when reaching 10,500 RPM. The exterior might look strange to you at first sight when you see the floating driver seat. The design aims to place the driver as close to the road surface as possible.

This type of vehicle could be easily born if you cross Ariel Atom with one MotoGP bike. It’s a single-seater vehicle that offers an immerse driving experience. You could push its RC213V motorcycle racing engine to its limits and all the power will go to the rear axle. This means that you should be very careful when driving it at high revs. This unique ride will be available and revealed to the public next week at Frankfurt Motor Show 2015.

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When you look at the sketches you will see one Honda’s 1965 Formula One racing car hidden in this shell. It represents it with its body design, the placement of the engine in the middle of the chassis, the fact that there is place only for the driver and many other small details. We would like to see this live next week and hope to see it on the roads until the end of the year.

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