Wedding In Style – Amazing Lamborghini Reventon Limousine Based On Mitsubishi Eclipse

Lamborghini Reventon limousine

Wedding In Style – Amazing Lamborghini Reventon Limousine Based On Mitsubishi Eclipse

One day you could also rent this amazing limousine. Is it the most spectacular limousine in Eastern Europe or just a modified Mitsubishi Eclipse? The ride is located in Kiev, Ukraine. This seven meter long limousine is probably the most spectacular limousine in the entire western world. On the top of that you could rent it for $250 per day. Let’s go inside and see what we have there. Seven meters long – enough space for exactly seven people. All seats inside are original Lamborghini seats. There is a disco floor, a disco ceiling, mini bar and a lot more. When you first see this Lamborghini Reventon limousine, you will notice the all-important scissor doors.

Actually, there are just a few guys that would hack up a Lamborghini Reventon to build a limo. A very special car for special ocasions. It all started from a Mitsubishi Eclipse. The guys who built this car are and Carspotterjeroenm’s mom. Two companies with one aim. The end results is just amazing. The guys did a great job. The real Lamborghini Reventon costs about two million dollars and could reach a top speed of 221 miles per hour (355.7 km/h). The speed was recorded in UAE a couple of years ago. Only 20 vehicles are sold from this model and that’s why the guys from Ukraine had to build the limo from a donor car. You could watch the video and see a couple of pictures showing the transformation of the Eclipse in this outlandish project.

From a black Mitsubishi Eclipse to a white Lamborghini Reventon limousine – the result ain’t half bad.

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Inside you are just a like king. There is everything that you might need while enjoying the ride.

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