What An Amazing Homemade Drivetrain Update

homemade tracked vehicle update

What An Amazing Homemade Drivetrain Update

Let’s have a look at this awesome work. A real piece of engineering art. We could only say – thumbs up for the owner who is actually the maker of this machine. It used to be a tracked vehicle before its owner decided that it was time to upgrade it. Insane homemade update was applied to this tracked ride. In the end you could easily drive this little beast everywhere – on muddy and challenging lands is something that you should definitely try with it. Driving it on the road is like a real boss. When you see it first you might be thinking that this little monster is a mini ripsaw. The answer is no here – it’s very different for sure.

Check this little piece of homemade engineering that will leave you speechless. It’s really a very cool little tracked vehicle that looks awesome. As the owner states there are some little problems with the belt system. The maker of this tracked ride openly admits that the belt drive will fail for sure when wet. What was actually the update? The owner decided that it was about time to change the chain driving system with another one. So, he picked up to use belts to drive his tracked ride. The initial design is something that ‘Aceman307’ is willing to change. If he was about to design it now, he would allow more space in the rear.

The reason for this is to use larger pulleys. For example, 8 to 10 inch pulley would be the best solution for the surface area.

2016 Shelby F150

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This way the belts would grab better.

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