What Would Bring This Guy To Destroy His $200,000+ Mercedes With Golf Club In Front Of Dealership?

mercedes destroy golf club

What Would Bring This Guy To Destroy His $200,000+ Mercedes With Golf Club In Front Of Dealership?

New cars are related closely to the new technologies. There is always a possibility for a fault in those new technologies. Car manufactures are producing a new model every year. It’s normal those cars to be not fully tested. They are full with gadgets and new stuff that could easily stop working. That’s the case here. This guy didn’t destroy his almost brand new Mercedes S class because of a cheating spouse. But then comes the question – what could bring someone to destroy his brand new $200,000+ Mercedes with a golf club.

This guy damaged his car in front of the local dealership in his home town. Besides the fact that he bought the car a few weeks ago as brand new, he had already had troubles with this vehicle. He was so angry at the dealership and the way they screwed him that he finally destroyed the car to protest. He spent like two hours inside the dealership of arguing. When the engine stalled for the third time he went straight into the dealership and the guys promised him an exchange if it happened again.

You might already know what happened, but yes – the engine stalled for a fourth time and this time it almost caused and accident. Yu and his family were going on a trip when the car suddenly stopped. That was it – the pissed off guy called the local media and went directly to the dealership. What brought this level of anger is the fact that this time they refused to do something and he would have to wait until their manager comes back from his business trip.

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You could barely believe that something like this could happen, but the Mercedes owner decided it was the right time to show the guys from the dealership how he really feels. We don’t find it normal to pay such amount for a faulty car.

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