What’s Inside – Car Battery Inside Look And Battery Parts! Do NOT Attempt!

inside a car battery

What’s Inside – Car Battery Inside Look And Battery Parts! Do NOT Attempt!

In this article we are going to watch a video with two guys who managed to open a car battery. We are going to have a look inside and see what do we have here. The car battery is a very underappreciated part of your vehicle. There are lots of nasty things inside these little things, but in the end the guys from the video will satisfy your curiosity without you having to open one. Do not do this at home! The guys took the battery off from a relatively new Lexus. The car batteries are quite heavy. For example, the one from the Lexus weighs about 40-50 pounds.

The first thing that you might notice is that it is full of liquid. If you shake it you could see the liquid moving inside. This type of battery is the wet-cell car battery. Before moving on we will give you some useful information about the car battery and how it works actually. It basically provides the jolt of electricity necessary to power all the electrical components in your car. Without it, you might already know but your ride won’t start. If you don’t know a chemical reaction outs your ride in action.

All car batteries convert chemical energy into the electrical energy that should be enough to power your vehicle.

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On the other hand it keeps the electric current steady. It’s not just a little box.

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