Why Turbochargers Are The Future?

turbochargers in the future

Why Turbochargers Are The Future?

The reasons for producing vehicles driven by turbochargers are fuel efficiency, and most important, reduction of CO2. In the past, turbochargers were only bolt-on pieces that pulverized weak engines, but the turbo technology was evolving, and now they promise a lot more than power. If you ask engine development department of any brand for this issue, they will respond that from today’s technical, political, and social perspective, the pros are: increase in horsepower, power vs. size and better fuel economy.

The modern automotive industry and its progress are driven by fuel-efficiency concerns, which are on the agendas of every major government. Daimler—as a producer of automobile engines longer than anybody else in the world, has a long term strategy for turbo charging. As we can see, today, most of the cars sold in North America, come with one or even more turbochargers, because they are efficient, reliable, and cheaper and getting better as well. A lot of families are changing current vehicles, with turbocharged ones, so they can save without sacrificing the performance demand. I could never imagine a 4-cylinder engine could go that fast, but it just throws you back in your seat, a customer says.

We can mention, Audi as one of the pioneers of the development of turbocharged gasoline and diesel engines, whose advantages are grounded in superior performance and torque yield.

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The forecast is that nearly four in 10 new cars and trucks in America will be turbo powered by 2019, which means, that by 2025 turbocharged engines are expected to be found in a staggering 80 percent of new cars.

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