Windshield Maintenance – Super Clean Your Windshield Using Steel Wool

super clean windshield

Windshield Maintenance – Super Clean Your Windshield Using Steel Wool

This video is a step by step tutorial on how to make your windshield completely clean. It won’t help you with if you have a windshield chip or crack – in all other cases you will see a compelte difference. This video is filmed by a RV geek who is going to show us the trick. At the very beginning the guy wanted to demonstrate how to super clean a RV windshield but then changed it to a regular vehicle. It doesn’t matter basically what is the vehicle – that’s a windshield and the approach and the process is exactly the same.

Here is everything we need to do the job – some invisible glass, rain X, a couple of old T shirts, an old sock and the most important part of all – 0000 steel wool. Make sure you are using the finest steel wool available and that would be the 0000 version. In this case the guy shows us how many bug bodies are spread all over the windshield with another dust and pieces everywhere. The first step is to take the steel wool and start rubbing. You might be probably thinking that this is going to scratch the glass but it will not absolutely damage it.

This way you could get off anything from the glass including all those different to remove old water spots. You must keep rubbing and this way you are polishing the glass. It takes about 10 minutes to rub the whole windshield. When you take a look at the steel wool you will find that it is like new. As long as you keep it dry it won’t wear out. You are done with removing all the microscopic dust you will feel that the glass is like it is being waxed.

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You will notice that the guy didn’t clean the windshield at the very beginning. It’s not really needed unless you have really huge bug bodies. The second step is to apply some rain X to our old sock and then on the glass. Just make sure not to put some rain X on your paint. 10 minutes later apply again rain X on your glass. You will apply it directly over the first rain X. Get one of your old shirts and make it wet and wipe off the windshield. In the end use the other shirt to wipe off again the glass.

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