World Of Wheels – Highlights from Detroit Autorama 2015

Detroit Autorama 2015

World Of Wheels – Highlights from Detroit Autorama 2015

In this article you will find a video with full overview of Detroit Autorama 2015. Basically this is a collection with over 100 unique vehicles. If you are not aware what is Autorama – it is considered to be one of the two most prestigious inside car shows in USA. As always the show is hold in Cobo Hall, Detroit and this year it was the 49th annual piston powered AutoRama. It’s a place full of hot rods and custom built old timers. The video will reveal the world’s most coolest rides gathered at one place.

This year the event covered 1 million square-feet of floor space full of immeasurable amount of horsepower. While walking through the I-X Center in Cleveland, Ohio you will find plenty of muscle cars, all kind of rods, custom built trucks, race truck, air planes and even tanks. There were dedicated areas for military vehicles, another one for hot rods, area for Pontiac only, another zone for Corvette and many more. Walking around will make you get overwhelmed by dazzling displays presenting all those bad as$ project cars.

We will give you a quick overview revealing the most insane muscle cars at the event. You will stop to read a little bit about the ack Stone’s 1969 Chevelle SS. A custom built chromely tube chassis and running an engine from Ultratech Racing Engines are just part of the list about this ride. There is one interesting mild custom 1971 Monte Carlo created by the team of Fatty’s Chassis and Speed Parts. You could easily recognize this one as it is slammed to the ground and powered by a Chevy small block engine with 400 horsepower output.

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If you find a white Chevy Camaro this might be Paul and Darcy Terlosky’s 1969 Camaro. This one is a real bad as$ muscle car featuring a custom built air dam, side pipe exhaust system and lowered suspension. There are also very clean cars there. For example, Sandy Kuhar’s 1963 Chevy II was coated in two tone paint – butterscotch pearl color. Andre Stephens’ 1970 Chevelle is something that you should stop at. This was part of the ProTouring cars at the event. You could find a 364ci LS V8 engine under the hood, coilover suspension and amazing Boyd Coddington wheels. The rest you will find in the video on our next page.

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