The World’s Most Expensive Tires (24-karat Gold + Diamonds + Rubber) = $600,000

The World's Most Expensive Tires

The World’s Most Expensive Tires (24-karat Gold + Diamonds + Rubber) = $600,000

$600,000 (AED (United Arab Emirates Dirham) 2,202,000; GBP 430,400) is the amount of money that the world’s most expensive set of tires has just been sold. No, this is not a joke. The name of the customer who ordered the set of tires is unknown. He/she contacted and paid Z Tyre to build a set of tires encrusted with 24-karat gold and diamonds. Does it sound good? At first look the rubber looks the same as a regular one. When you get closer to it you could see the gold and diamonds that adorn it. The guys who created the tires also thought about the possible thieves. That’s why the Italian craftspeople didn’t go overboard.

With such an expansive set of tires you should think about thieves. There are guys out there who would instantly put the ride with these four gold tires on blocks. On the other hand the company stated that all the money are going to charity. The company who would get the money is called Zenises. Their mission is to improve access to education around the globe. It’s not just about creating such set of tires. The set is recognized by The Guinness Book of World Records as the most expensive set of tires ever. You could checkout the $600,000 rubber on our next page and decide if it will fit your ride.

We really doubt that the owner would drive his vehicle with this set of tires.

Nikola Motos Nikola One semi truck

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The most expensive set of car tires sold is AED 2,202,000 (USD 600,00; GBP 420,400), produced by ZTYRE.COM (UK).

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