This Is The World’s Largest Diesel Engine – A Monster With 109,000 HP

Wartsila-Suzler RTA96-C largest diesel engine

This Is The World’s Largest Diesel Engine – A Monster With 109,000 HP

This thing is a real monster. The codename of this engine is Wartsila-Suzler RTA96-C. It is considered to be the largest and most powerful diesel engine on our planet. It was built with the intention to provide power for massive cargo container ships like the COSCO Long Beach, for example. On the other hand, the ships powered by such engines are among the largest in the sea. When a ship is going to be one of the largest sea going vessels in the whole world, it definitely needs a huge power and turns to this beast. The largest diesel engine in the world is 89 feet long and 44 feet tall. It also weighs about 5 million pounds. It doesn’t run on pure diesel fuel – it runs on a heavy weighted mixture of diesel fuel.

In the end we have these 109,000 horsepower. There are a total of 14 cylinders and each one is sized to produce 1,820 liters of displacement. It is actually a two-stroke diesel engine that could produce something like 5.6 million pounds of torque at full speed. How does this sound? If you can’t calculate this – this is enough to move everything across the ocean. The biggest container ship in the world is the Maersk Emma. It is also powered by a 109,000 horsepower monsters.

Let’s give you some more information about the engine internals. The crankshaft, for example, weighs about 300 tons.

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In order to keep this engine running, you need over 39 barrels of oil.

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