Would You Spend $125,000 To Recreate The Mad Max Interceptor?

Mad Max Interceptor

Would You Spend $125,000 To Recreate The Mad Max Interceptor?

We have something that is certainly exceptional for all of you who are fans of one of the greatest muscle cars that has appeared on the big screen, the iconic Mad Max’s Interceptor car, the Australian 1972 Ford Falcon. We believe most of us, started (or further developed) their love for muscle cars with this legendary car.

For sure there are many Mad Max fanatics amongst you, who simply had fallen in love in the 1972 Australian Ford Falcon (some says a 1973 model), right after you saw the movie. And one true fan of the movie has taken his love and devotion for this ride to another level. George Miller from Michigan has built the exact same replica of this legendary car. He had spent five years building it and around 120 000 dollars to fulfill his dream.

The idea for having such car came to him 30 years ago, when he saw the original Mad Max movie for the first time. Now he is a proud owner of a Ford Falcon, just like the one that appeared in the first two movies. Take a look at the following video and find out the story about the Mad Max from Michigan and his Interceptor ride. Check his beauty out and enjoy the next six minutes!

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