WOW Driver Sent Airborne In Unbelievable Car Crash – Just Like A Rag Doll

driver sent airborne in car crash

WOW Driver Sent Airborne In Unbelievable Car Crash – Just Like A Rag Doll

Warning: the footage could be disturbing to some viewers. It’s one of these videos that you should definitely see in order to believe it. In the below video you are going to see a shocking car crash in Brazil. The footage is from a dash cam and reveals a passenger who was shot high in the sky right after a terrible car crash. The accident occurred because of the driver’s mistake – he lost control of his pickup truck on the road. According to many sources of information, the driver was unharmed and walked out like a boss. We definitely cannot say the same about the passenger who was sent airborne.

Here comes again the topic about safety. Rule number one – always wear your seat belt. We are now going to get the facts. Wearing your seat belt is one of the most effective ways to save your life and reduce injuries in possible car accident. You might be aware but the impact of the seat belt use is huge – it could reduce the injuries and deaths in serious car accidents by half. The combination between air bags and seat belts is the greatest protection. As you are going to see in the video, the passenger is not wearing his seat belt. The result is shocking! According to some statistics teens aged between 13 and 20 and the adults between 18 and 30 years are least likely to wear a seat belt.

A primary enforcement seat belt law is actually a good way to get more people to buckle up. In the end you don’t want to get a fine for a simple thing like this.

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Research shows that in some states in USA with primary enforcement laws the seat belt use is about 89%, while in states without this law it’s 80%.

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