WOW! You Should Never Send A Ford F150 To Do A Duramax’s Job

F150 and Duramax pulls semi

WOW! You Should Never Send A Ford F150 To Do A Duramax’s Job

We don’t what we have under the hood of this F150, but it’s definitely the last vehicle that could help you in situation like this one. In a few words you are going to watch a video on our next page showing a Ford F150. The truck tries multiple times to pull out the freightliner with no success in the end. The sad thing here is that the Duramax pulled it right out without breaking a sweat! If you watch close enough you will notice that the pickup truck couldn’t even take the slack out of the chain. The F150 could be an open differential with a RWD only. This could explain a lot. If not, this car is a shame.

We really think that the F150 is capable of doing this – pulling a truck out of the mud. It’s not such a big deal in this situation, but… Most of the Ford pickup trucks with petrol engines are underpowered and don’t have so much torque as the diesel versions. This is why engineers don’t put petrol/gas engines in semi trucks. There is nothing powerful like the diesel engines in the end. We talk about non-upgraded and stock engines.

We found this video while browsing the internet and we really find it interesting. We have two pickup trucks here – a Ford F-150 and a Chevy 2500 HD Duramax.

abandoned Chevrolet dealership

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This could be a real example of power demonstration. It is the pure definition that every great and powerful truck is and should be.

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