WOW Police Will Have An Easier Time Ending Car Chases With The Grappler Police Bumper

The Grappler Police Bumper

WOW Police Will Have An Easier Time Ending Car Chases With The Grappler Police Bumper

Nowadays too many people have been killed as a result of police chases. Let’s see and hope that this new invention will stop that. Grappler Police Bumper is the latest police car chase tool. In the video on our next page you will see how it works. This amazing tool was created by Stock Enterprises. This is going to mark a new standard in de-escalation of high speed pursuits. We finally introduce you a safer and more controlled way to end a pursuit. As you are going to see in the video there are a couple of things that we should pay attention: tethered snag – accomplishes a prompt, controlled stop.

On the top of that, the Snag Maneuver could be utilized in traffic. If the police officer successfully stops the chased car and its driver starting running, the tether can be released at any time. This means that the cop car is free to go and chase the criminal. The Grappler could be disguised in many ways for tactical operations. It’s not the only way to mount it on the front of the vehicle. You might have lots of questions about this device. This will end up the live TVs showing car chases. You might be thinking that it catches only one tire causing the vehicle to become unstable, airborne or out of control.

This is not the case, as the device sticks the chased vehicle to the ground going straight.

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The new tool is still being tested in order to become perfect. It should be tested in cases with lots of people around.

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