You Couldn’t Have Been Prouder To Beat Challenger But Sadly It Was A Cop

race an undercover cop

You Couldn’t Have Been Prouder To Beat Challenger But Sadly It Was A Cop

These guys street raced a Dodge Challenger and they won… They were winners for something like 2 seconds. Seconds later they realized that they were racing against an undercover cop. That means that the kids in the Nissan 350Z definitely lost that race. That moment when you are so proud to be a winner in a street race agains Dodge Challenger and it was a cop.

There are two sides of the story here. It’s good to have those undercover cops nowadays. But, everyone could buy LEDs up and a siren from eBay and pull over cars on the road. This is pretty dangerous. We would like to give you one tip if you ever get in the same situation. We should know who is a real cop and who isn’t – how we are supposed to know this.

There are two phone numbers 211 and 911 that you could use to check this. When you call the guys you should simply say that an unmarked vehicle is trying to pull you over. All you want to know is whether this car is a real undercover cop car. If it’s a police officer you should simply pull over while on the other hand if it’s a fake car – the lady from 911 will send a squad unit at your place.

Ricer kid is back

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In our case those kid were lucky enough to go home with out a ticket. These kids driving Nissan 350Z rocket from a complete stop at the traffic light. They chirped the tires and left the stock Dodge Challenger behind in the smoke. And then the worst happened – the guy in the Challenger was actually an undercover police officer. This should be added as a new rule in the street racing list – you should never race a completely stock vehicle.

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