You Must See This 200HP Hayabusa-Swapped Golf Cart Incinerate Its Tires

hayabusa-swapped golf cart

You Must See This 200HP Hayabusa-Swapped Golf Cart Incinerate Its Tires

Let us show you the most insane street legal golf cart ever. The owner of this hand-built 200-horsepower states that the ride could easily reach 100 MPH. When the golf cart is not on streets the guys remove its headlights, stop lights, turn signals and seat belts. On the track this little beast is a real demon. The original golf cart was able to go as fast as 25mph or slightly more. The owner of this little monster decided that he could turn it into a monster. He installed a 200hp Hayabusa engine. Now the golf cart is able to go as fast as 100MPH.

This is a pure example of what could be done when you take a regular golf cart and add a Hayabusa engine. Wonderful thing – that’s the answer. It’s not the perfect ride for your grandma’s country club for sure. The best thing for this ride is to get a roll cage over it. It’s running real fast and switching direction very very fast when burning the tires. This thing is built by Chris of Spring Hill, Florida. He installed a four-cylinder engine from a 1999 Hayabusa. He took all the gauges from the bike and installed them inside. We talk about the speedometer and a few other gauges.

The event here is the Dubbo Burnout competition. That’s the perfect time to see this little monster in action.

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The Hayabusa-swapped golf cart features a six-speed gearbox with a chain driven drive.

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