You Woke Up Stupid – When Picking The Guy To Rob Goes Wrong

robbery goes wrong

You Woke Up Stupid – When Picking The Guy To Rob Goes Wrong

Have you ever watched ‘Gone in Sixty Seconds’? The scene here is a like a copy this film – a guy tries to rob a car with the wrong man inside. This case here ends with the police and the thief arrested while in the movie he was just pummeled and told to get a real job. There are a few good sayings in this video that must be included in some Hollywood productions like “So you went to bed an woke up stupid” phrase. If there was a worlds dumbest criminals chart, this one must be included somewhere in the top 10.

In the end everything ends well – the cops handled the situation in the best available approach. After watching this video you might want to have a concealed handgun license. In situations like this that should be one of the best things that you had done to yourself. You have the right to defense yourself of any sort and this particular statement dates back to the times of Aristotle. You simply have the right to own your arms to protect and defense yourself at any time.

The Second Amendment in the United States Constitution is amended exactly for such cases and here is codified the right to bear. If you are not aware what does this amendment say, here it is: ‘A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.’. During the latest ten years there is one significant change – the amount of firearms in the homes of the private citizens in the United States of America has nearly doubled.

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When it comes to storing firearms in the houses of the citizens, the United States of America is not the only one country with tihs right to bear arms. There is one term used worldwide – universal conscription. It’s part of mobilizing a new army during war times. In term of use all able bodied male citizens in one country are required to keep a fully automatic weapon in their home. Switzerland is one of the countries in the world that require their males to keep fully automatic weapons at home.


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